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The United States began its split from God nearly 100 years ago. The Blueprint for 2 Americas dives deep into how far the progressive movement has gone to destroy the conservative values of America's forefathers. 

What VEHICLE did we climb aboard that carried us so far from our cultural roots? How did the vast changes to society, our social framework and our relationships come about? Most importantly we must ask ourselves, “How could we become so divided? Or are we?”

The answers we hear in the public discourse are wholly inadequate to address the scope of the changes.

Could anyone in 1990 expected that ABC, NBC or CBN would identify 53 Genders or that public policy, law and educational principles would be altered to grant special rights to these created genders?

Could we have envisioned cities and businesses being destroyed by people claiming to be supportive of the people affected?

Many feel the world has been turned upside down; the law is silent with regard to some egregious acts while being openly hostile to seemingly innocent citizens expressing their right of free speech. We have heard over and over these six powerful words


This book is designed to explain EXACTLY how we got here. You will become thoroughly aware of the plan that was set in motion, who designed it, when it began and the mechanisms used to move us to their desired end and, finally, where it will take us. You will discover that the separation of Americans by race or wealth or gender is a myth and meet the groups responsible for those myths.

After reading “The Blueprint for Two Americas” every news report, school board issue or city council agenda will be viewed with the perspective of the Humanist Manifestos in mind. You will be awakened to the destruction that this plan has wrought. Just as a building has a set of blueprints which direct each specialty worker to their part in bringing about the finished product, this social re-engineering has a set of blueprints and the new society it envisions is nearly complete.


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