Linda S. Nelson

"How did we get here?" Linda Nelson addresses that question in this book! She describes the essential ingredient which led to the change in America. She views the world through the lens of a Wife, Mother, Educator, Active Citizen and Successful Businesswoman! She graduated from University in 1975 with a B.A. in English Literature and a teaching certificate. At graduation she had an awakening and turned from University Feminist to active Pro-Life Advocate! Her advocacy led her into radio debates with the local Planned Parenthood president and ultimately, to bringing a pro family life education to her local public schools. In 1979 she continued the awakening at a lecture series on the Humanist Manifesto and its effects on education. She recognized that the principles and practices which were taught in her education classes were geared to meeting the stated goals of these documents. The revered “father of modern education”, John Dewey, was one of the chief authors of the Humanist Manifesto I. The American child was the target of the Humanist Manifesto indoctrination. As a teacher, she was a trained instrument of indoctrination to the students. She recalls that “walking out of these lectures was as though I had walked out of a dark room into a well-lit forest glen.” It is her hope that as you read 2 Americas you will walk out of the dark and into the light.

From 1979 till the present time she has watched the effects of the Manifesto principles being implemented in the schools, in culture, in law, and in public policy. The Manifestos themselves are rarely discussed but have been central in her observation of the cultural change and demise. The book you hold meticulously covers the plan to change the American Citizen. She says, “We are like firemen running from one fire to another, never considering that there is a written plan to burn down the entire nation.” In the same way that Saul Alinsky instructs this generation on how to disrupt the nation, the Humanist Manifestos lays out the instruction on forming the thought and character of the new citizen. The radical changes in our social structure are right in front of our eyes but we fail to consider that this is being done with a plan in mind. The blueprint for this new America is laid out in the Two Americas. It will answer the question- "How did we get here?"

Once your eyes are opened you will see every social change through the lens of the Humanist Manifesto.

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